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Over time, we have implemented internal quality systems, adapting to current European standards and thus developing the system UNI EN ISO 9000, obtaining UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 certification.

Our quality control approach is extremely detailed and rigorous, covering every single stage of the production process, from the design phase to delivery of the finished product. This allows us to maintain constant control over the quality of our services, ensuring that they meet the highest standards available on the market. Furthermore, our system allows us to promptly identify any problems or inefficiencies and intervene promptly to resolve them, in order to guarantee maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Our philosophy is to constantly improve the quality of our services, in order to offer our customers an increasingly better and satisfying experience.

  • ISO 9001 certified

  • Confined space recovery certificates

  • RLS certificates

  • 3rd category certificates for lifeline fall prevention and resuscitators

  • Training certificates for High Risk workers

  • Supervisor's certificates

  • Firefighter certificates

  • First aid certificates

  • Licenses for operating cranes and platforms

  • Licenses for welding thermoplastics IR-110, IR-225, IR.315

  • Installer licenses according to ISO/TS 24817 (Carbon Fibre)

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