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Preparation of
Metal Surfaces:
Treatments & Blasting

The preparation of metal surfaces depends on the environmental conditions to which they will be subjected: the more extreme the conditions, the better the surfaces must be prepared. The necessary treatments are aimed at removing residual substances such as oxides, salts, rust and calamine, which would prevent optimal adhesion of the coatings applied subsequently. The main objective is to obtain an adequate roughness profile to ensure perfect adhesion of the anticorrosive coating that will be applied later.


Metal blasting is performed on all types of structures and components and is an essential preliminary operation for painting or applying anti-corrosion substances.

01. Dry Blasting


Metallic Grit 

When working on carbon steel surfaces, metal abrasives are the preferred type of abrasive. These are particularly effective for removing old paint from metal surfaces, especially if they are very strong, or for removing oxidation, scale or lamination flakes strongly adhering to metal.

This technique involves the use of an abrasive material (metal grit or silica sand), which is emitted with a high-pressure jet of air onto the affected surface.

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Holson Impianti is highly specialised in sandblasting works and uses this treatment for the surface cleaning of metals and other materials.

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Interventi sul posto

On-site interventions.

We come to you.

We provide services performed directly in the company or third-party premises, thanks to fixed or transportable sandblasting and painting equipment. Sandblasting and painting are performed with any type of paint, according to the specifications provided by the customer. The work always involves advanced equipment in order to achieve the best result from environmentally friendly painting systems.

Stretta di mano

Consulting Service.

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We put our experience in industrial blasting at your service. Our technical consultancy extends from support for the creation and revision of blasting specifications to process optimisation and standardisation.

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