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Industrial maintenance: 3 tips to improve it

Does it cost more to maintain or a machine downtime? And is the money spent on servicing industrial machinery before it breaks down an investment?

The answer is YES, I AM AN INVESTMENT.

Even the best industrial plant would not function properly without a maintenance process that is able to manage and optimise its workflows. Approximately 65% of a company's annual net profit today equals the maintenance budget of a production plant.

Types of maintenance

Regulated by UNI 10147 and UNI 9910, there are various types of maintenance:

  • Failure-based maintenance: this is a repair policy whereby the maintainer only intervenes when a fault has occurred. It is an obsolete and increasingly infrequent model in favour of predictive and preventive maintenance.

  • Improvement maintenance: this is an overhaul intervention whose purpose is to increase the performance of a work process or a piece of machinery. Machines used in industry are, very often, designed at prototype level or in small series, making continuous improvement necessary.

  • Planned preventive maintenance: this is a policy whose objective is to intervene before a fault occurs, with overhaul and repair actions

  • Predictive maintenance: a new policy adopted by Industry 4.0 in which, thanks to the continuous acquisition of data, it is possible to predict when a machine might fail. In this way, interventions are carried out long before this happens, resulting in an overall reduction in repair costs.

The maintenance of a machine consists of carrying out all the operations necessary to ensure its cost-effective operation.

Maintenance can include many operations, and usually the route is this:

Fault Detection → Monitoring→ Inspection→ Cleaning→ Repair→ Replacing→

Lubrication→ Adjustment→ Testing→ Measurement

Having data in order, archived and usable with simple searches gives you a big advantage in terms of efficiency and security.

Time is money, and when something breaks down there is never calm or time to search for information.

Preventive maintenance means setting up - not on an emergency basis and in good time - an orderly archive of all the information you need, with a quick search criterion and on-site availability.

Summing up in 3 tips...

  • Define standard activities

  • Plan and Control: preventive maintenance

  • For the management and monitoring of resources, it uses an ad hoc software

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