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Repair and reconstruction of a pump body

corpo pompa


Oil & Gas

Area of application:

Worth pump base body, model LN

Protection against:

Erosion, corrosion and cavitation



In an Oil&Gas refinery, we encountered a corrosion problem on a pump housing determined by erosion, corrosion and cavitation over a long period. This led to frequent and significant loss of load and performance efficiency.


After assessing the situation and the associated problems, we identified the need to prepare the substrate by sandblasting it in order to allow our technicians a reconstruction of the original profile of the item in question. This done, the pump body was totally protected with a ceramic coating suitable for the phenomena described above.


Method used

Surface preparation: The pump surface was prepared by sandblasting to completely remove corrosion and impurities.

Heat treatment: After sandblasting, the surface underwent heat treatment to ensure greater adhesion and durability of subsequent coatings.

DEMI water washing: Heat-treated parts were thoroughly washed with DEMI (deionized) water to remove any residue and ensure a clean surface free of contaminants.

Second Heat Treatment: After washing, the parts were again subjected to heat treatment to ensure maximum adhesion and strength of the coatings.

Second sandblasting: The parts were then subjected to a second sandblasting to further improve surface roughness and promote adhesion of subsequent coatings.

Reconstruction with molecular metal: Using the molecular metal method, damaged parts were reconstructed to restore the original shape and size.

Coating with ceramization: Finally, the rebuilt parts were coated with a ceramic coating with high corrosion resistance, providing long-lasting protection and improving long-term operational efficiency.

Epoxy protection: To ensure optimal external protection, an epoxy coating was made to further provide protection against corrosive agents. Its chemical and corrosion resistance makes it ideal for industrial applications in harsh environments.

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Thanks to the methodical approach and technologies employed, we have achieved an outstanding result in corrosion protection for the pump housing in the Oil & Gas refinery. The benefits derived from the various steps in the process, from surface preparation to final coating, are manifold:

  1. Durable Protection: Ceramic coating and molecular metal treatment provide durable protection against seawater corrosion, extending the operating life of the pump and impeller.

  2. Optimized Efficiency: Repair and reconstruction of damaged parts improve operational efficiency, reducing downtime and optimizing overall system performance.

  3. Reduced Maintenance: With corrosion protection, maintenance requirements and dismantling are minimized, enabling greater operational continuity and reducing operating costs.

  4. Guaranteed Safety: Effective protection against seawater helps maintain a safe working environment for personnel and prevent potential risks of failure and malfunction.


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